Isabelle C

An Intermediate class more challenging that other Avanced ones I did so far! I did not quite keep up but will try again

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Isabelle
Thanks for your comment. I totally hear you... the 'Classical' teachers' Intermediate level classes tend to be harder than the 'Contemporary' teachers' Advanced classes... I am glad you were up for the challenge though and hope you'll revisit this class again and again until you feel you can keep up! :)
BW, Amit

Caroline M

A good one to aim for - a bit beyond my current strength but good to try.

Lana S

challenging class!

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Vicky. Thanks for your comment. I am sorry that you feel this way regarding Amy's visualisation! I have no doubt that she did not mean it in this way!! Amy works with amazingly strong and supple female Pilates practitioners every day and both Lorna and Lucinda (filmed with Amy on this class) are a great example of that. I am sure Amy just wanted to demonstrate the point that Joseph Pilates created exercises from his perspective of being a very "chesty” man with big lungs, big muscles in his shoulders and arms and a lot of strength in his fists and wrists... and give people at home an opportunity to see how it feels to perform the exercises with that in mind. Hope this makes sense. Amit

Vicky J

Class was fine but visualisation was pretty awful. Nice way of stereotyping all female pilates practitioners as slight, unmuscular with no upper body strength.

Lucy J

Great class

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