Mike B

AVery amusing. Very fit people. Wonderful exercises. But I do not think that you should call if Basic.!

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Mike and thanks for your comment. The teachers decide on what they consider to be appropriate to each level... and for the "Classical" teachers like Amy, this is appropriate for Basic level. Saying that, since I agree with you that it will be very challenging for beginners, I made sure the class description explains the challenges and prepares you for them, giving you the opportunity to opt out and look for another class that might be more appropriate.
I do hope that you will continue practicing and come back to re-visit this class again when you feel ready for it! See it as a challenge ;)
BW, Amit

Lucy L

I'm a beginner and found there weren't enough teaching points for me. Particularly because I'm coming from a yoga background. There were times in forward positions where I wasn't sure if i was supposed to be rounding the upper spine or lengthening. I suppose I need to work on the basics more!

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Lucy. Thanks for your comment and well done for completing this challenging class! We definitely recommend starting with our Beginners Course or some of the easier classes before trying the more flowing challenging classes at this level. Sorry if you missed this recommendation in the class description.

Alyson H

Thanks for the focus on chesty full respiration to generate movement from the upper body. I enjoyed the upper body focus and cueing tips.

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