Gabriela H

Wonderful class! Time went by so quickly!

Sinje Z

Fantastic class. I love the cue with the 50£ note. Hilarious

Jane B

Excellent class. I agree with Sharon C in that the building of each exercise is fantastic preparation and helps focus the mind.
This goes straight onto my favourites list!

Tracy S

What is the music being played?
It's very soothing...

Lana S

challenging in slow movements. Liked the challenge and precision.

Charlotte W

Thank you that was great! Loved how the progressions assisted me to focus on proper technique at the top level!

sharon c

Super class!love the building up to each level of an excercise that really prepares the body and helps focus the mind on what you are doing. Wonderful teacher

Tracy S

Love this class. Nice variations on bridge, and also the focus on keeping seated bones down on the saw. Really like the way each exercise is built up too :)

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