Jackie C

Tough but good. Makes me aware of the gulf between beginner and intermediate moves. Grateful for the modification as my toes have arthritis so don’t bend without pain. Great little class and deceptively difficult.

Gill P

A good teacher with an easy and clear style

Ian V

Love these short, intensive, targeted classes!

Rachel J

Wow! That certainly warmed me up on a cold winter's morning! Thank you :-)

Sonia T

Fab session - so lovely to have Michael teaching - it was tough but good, thank you

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Wendy. A number of people has asked me the same question over the years so I have created an answer to it that is in our Q&A section. I hope this helps. Amit (scroll down to bottom of page...)

Wendy N

Great class. Would it be possible to instruct so the body moves to the shape of the mat? Some of us live in tiny rooms with limited space beyond the mat!

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Lillian. Thank you for your recent comment. You will be glad to know that we are filming Michael again soon and that hopefully by the spring we'll have a bunch of new classes to upload :) Best, Amit

Lillian C

Michael's pilates lessons seems ballett sessions. Love them. I quote: more classes, please!

Madonna T

Wow! fantastic Michael! and so tough! loved it!

Lindsay S

Found this very hard compared to other intermediate classes!

Kia T

My favourite so far! Thank you!

Linda B

Simple movements but what a workout! Excellent class!

Angie B

Wow!! Very challenging...I loved this class. Felt every bit work hard!

Lauren O

Excellent classes. I would really like to see more :)

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Ruth. I agree this class is not great for people with bad knees... hopefully you will enjoy other classes more. If you need some advice please just drop me an email
Best, Amit

Ruth B

Hated this class. I have bad knees so found it too tough on me. Will keep trying though


I really enjoyed this Michael. Hard but small progressions possible. Thank you and best wishes.

Jill Sandford

Love your classes. more please.

Susan B

Sheesh, that was tough for me! MIchael, I listened to my body. I'll keep trying though.

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