Barbara T

I loved the novelty of familiar exercises in this class. It made the class go so quickly and I had to work hard. I really appreciate the clear instruction with the calm voice giving a sense of an unhurried pace. This allows me to focus on technic and not feel as if I need to just keep up.

Katherine S

My first attempt at the advanced level and it made me sweat! I have arthritic thumb joints and big toe joints so there was a bit of 'creaking' going on at times. I couldn't do all of the exercises effectively but I'm sure with practice I'll improve, so this first attempt is a good benchmark. Great instruction as always Amit.

Gabriela H

Loved this class, specially amazed how difficult the eastern squat was today! Will repeat soon. Thank you Amit

Gill P

An excellent class and so well explained

Nida A

Loved it! I have weak joints and the sequencing was just right to warm them up and move with more control. Thank you.

Sinje Z

Great class, love the variations

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