Rocio F

I love this class specially when my legs feel heavy after a day at work

sharon c

Thoroughly enjoyed this class!!! The pace was slow allowing for attention to detail, very clearly instructed, thank you alan

Sara I

What a wonderful class! I have been wanting more exercises for balancing & strengthening the leg muscles & stretching out tight hip flexors & hamstrings! Thank you Alan , this was inspiring. I read a few weeks ago that strong legs are akin to having a second spine!

Amit - yoopod .

Thanks for your lovely comment Mel :) We were very happy to have Alan and all of his wonderful team of teachers demonstrating the classes for us!!

Mel W

Brilliant class! Thank you so much for bringing us Alan's teaching. On a side note, the woman featured in this video is a former dancer with Northern Ballet and one of my ballet teachers :) Lovely to see her on here!

Catherine G

Really enjoyed that!! Quite different from anything else I have tried.

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