Sarah Jane B

I found this class extremely interesting to watch how Holly worked with John; and I also found it encouraging to have the confidence to progress my practise further with flow and rhythm; and not get too tied up perfecting every detail of placement.


Great demonstration of coaching a client who is less than perfect but working hard! Really nice to see. Thank you. Some good cueing and metaphor.

Lisa M

Lots of interesting and useful pointers that we all need, in order to make corrections that we may be unaware of. Thank you John. You make the class real.

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Nicole. I agree that Holly is focused a lot on John in this class. The reason is that John isn’t a Pilates teacher… and needed a bit more guidance in front of the camera. We were hoping that the viewers will benefit from the cueing and corrections Holly was giving him throughout the class. I am sorry that you found it confusing. Hope you enjoyed the class nonetheless as well as Holly’s other classes. Amit

Geoff A

As a man of comparable ability to John I found the attention given to his particular needs really helpful

Nicole T

Quite a difficult class to follow, it feels focused completely on John and not on the person watching, so a lot of the time Holly is talking to him in a way you can't understand unless you're looking at the screen. A nice set of exercises still.

Nicola M

Was a little confused with some of the explanations, but enjoyed the class

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you for your comment Sarah! You are absolutely right that sometimes it is difficult to watch a demonstration and do the exercises at the same time. It is the same in a general class with a teacher... I would suggest taking a few minutes to watch the parts of the class that are not clear enough without actually doing the exercises before you do the class again and also repeating the same class a few times now until you feel that you really have it under your belt. I believe you will find this process satisfying and rewarding and you'll feel the difference in your body :)

Sarah H

Thank you very much for the class. I think I would find it more helpful (since I'm doing this at home and is hard to keep looking at the laptop) to get a bit more verbal instruction so I can avoid looking over to my side (and straining my neck) all the time :)

Nesta S

Love the Introduction! Really informative and detailed.

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