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Sarah A

I enjoyed this class and the explenations, thank you!

Posted on 22/11/2017

Adam S

Love this teacher! great way to start the day!

Posted on 23/02/2017

Susan C

Great class. Quite challenging for intermediate level but possibly as it focuses on one of my greatest weaknesses (lift from lying into sitting). Will add to favourites!

Posted on 13/07/2016

Eva R

Particularly liked the breakdown of the double leg kick! Enjoyed !

Posted on 13/05/2016

Diane B

Thanks for a great class

Posted on 29/02/2016

Beatriz F

Very powerfull! Great class

Posted on 30/04/2015

Sally V

Great class - classic repertoire at a sensible pace to ensure that you're doing everything correctly. Really enjoyed it.

Posted on 12/03/2015

Susan B

Great pace for checking my movements while working strongly and deeply. Brilliant.

Posted on 04/03/2015

Charlotte W

Thank you - that was a great class - will be adding to my favourites! Lots of great visualisations without breaking the flow too much... pulling the elbows up before extending the arms and legs on Double Leg Kick really helped me to lift and extend!

Posted on 07/02/2015

Ali M

Great class... Like the focus on technique... Good to check yourself! Thank you

Posted on 19/03/2014

Noelle T

I really enjoyed this - the kickboard analogy for the Single Leg Kick was very helpful.

Posted on 05/02/2014

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