Theres H

I love to do the classical repertoir for a quick and intense work out and it feels so nice if you just follow your instructions and cues than just do it quietly on your own - which is never as intense! Cueing the lungs and organs is great! I really liked the reformer FW on the mat as a warm up to the 100, as I never liked starting right with the 100. The High bridge (bicycle etc) is always a challenge, therefore I do not like to teach it myself. What would you recommend how to best and most savely build up to it. Many thanks, I will get back to practise and better the flow in my movements.

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Theres
Thank you for your lovely comment.
As for your question- as you say, the bicycle etc are a series of challenging exercises and I am not sure a quick reply would really do the trick... ;)
If you'd like some more in depth advice please drop me a line

Rebecca P

Terrific class. Love the mixture of familiar and new. The rotational twist at the end is great.

Szilvia B

Done this class first time today,absolutely brilliant,old and new elements mixed,worked on all muscle groups,cardio too.Glad to find this 30 minutes exercise!

Lauren O

I found this class really difficult. Definitely one to practice!

sharon c

Very tough class, tricky transitions that I fear could cause injury unless I was well supervised.

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