Theres H

This is a great morning workout indeed, although I find the short spine variation right after the footwork a bit much to stretch my back first thing in the mornig, I will need some easier roll ups first. I really like the short box tree variation and the stomach massage on the mat. I will definetly implement this in my mat classes and who knows if this will be the trick to have the mat students finally try equipment!!

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Theres. Thanks for your lovely feedback. Now that you know what the class entails you can do a bit of stretching before it starts so that the Short Spine won't be too much/too soon ;) Hope it goes well in the classes and that it would tempt your students to try the equipment :) Best, Amit

sharon c

Great class,had to stop video and watch for a bit.....will do again!

Lauren O

Just the class to get me motivated on a rainy morning!

Estrella G

The class is great, but the transitions are a bit fast. Anyway, I love it!

Ellie P

This is my new fav morning workout! Thanks Amy!

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