Alyson R

I struggled to get my back off the ground much during Tree, and then I tapped out when I couldn’t get my lower back up for Corkscrew. I’ve successfully done both of these in studio classes after I’ve worked my way up to it. Do you have any recommendations for a video I could do before this one to loosen and warm up my body so I’m more ready for this video? I tend to be tight in the hamstrings, hip flexors, and lower back, though I don’t know if that’s the issue here. Thank you!

Sharon A

Love the transitions. Quite tough and needed to bring it down a level in a couple of places.

Helen O

Feel great now! Thanks so much!

Beatriz F

Great class!

Sarah F

Wonderful imagery and nice way to keep breath at the front of your mind throughout. Thanks!

Susan B

O yes. Pretty tough for me too. I made it into an hour's class by preparing with some beginners' moves and adding some modifications here and there. My lungs, heart and every other vital organ were zinging afterwards :)

sharon c

Wonderful class nice focus on breathing, pretty tough!

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