Margie N

Excellent class Amy! Thank you.

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Sarah. Thanks for your comments. We have added a note that you will need a pair of socks for the class. As for wooden floor- I guess people will have to make the most of what they have... I agree that it would have been good to have more corrections while they are going through the Reformer repertoire but sadly there is only this much a teacher can say without losing the flow of the class. I hope you figured it out on your own, but if not please do email me with any questions!!

Sarah H

Hi Amy thank you very much for the class. It was my first time doing this and I think it would have been helpful (and sorry if I missed it) to let us know that we needed socks + a wooden floor to do some of the exercises. I also agree with one of the above comments that it would be good to mention any corrections we need to make at home since you aren't able to come around and do that for us. Many thanks! Sarah

Ann H

GREAT CLASS!! wonderful flow and movement from flexion to extension. no-one is perfect and I felt that amy could help viewers by correcting some of the obvious issues i.e. popping abs, flaring ribs, lifting sacrum off mat with footwork exercises, letting head drop below spine in plank position. small things but those that make the difference between pilates and any other method!!

Lenka S

Hi Amy, thank you for the class, really enjoyed it! Aware it's an intermediate class, but not having the experience with equipment pilates, would probably welcome more explanation as to where the spine should stay in neutral, where it goes into imprint etc.... Most original pilates exercises go into imprint (even some osteopaths would recommend say single leg stretch with imprint to someone recovering from a herniated dics!!!) whereas the new research suggests the spine should stay in neutral in exercises like e.g. single leg stretch. So I wonder what the set up would be for the supine exercises in this class. Really nice class! Thank you! Will have to try equipment soon :-).

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