Margie N

Thanks for responding to my question. It was very helpful. I love that.

Margie N

That was an awesome class to help with breathing. When you come up in saw inhaling are you supposed to hold your breath to twist? I don't have enough lung capacity to get all the way up there without exhaling again. Should I hold it or do a short in and out at the top?

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Margie. I am glad you enjoyed the class :) Yes, in this version of the Saw you exhale to stretch over the leg and then inhale to lift and twist in the other direction (ideally you don't want to "hold your breath" but draw more and more air in as you lift and twist...). Maybe you feel like you don't have enough lung capacity because you do it a bit too slowly? Or maybe because you are used to thinking about the lift and the twist as 2 separate movements instead of one continuous movement? In any case I would suggest trying to flow a little quicker and adjust it to your inhalation. Hope this helps. Amit

Sylvia G


Helen O

Thank you so much- I feel so warmed up and energised!!

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