Katie F

Great for my first class - perfect pace. I love that I can access these around my work schedule and they are very clear.

nicola b

This is the first class I have tried and after a day sat at my desk all my neck and shoulder tension has reduced -great class thank you

Andrea C

Lovely way to start the day feel taller :)

Mike B

I have done no Pilates for two weeks while away on holiday and I found this was a lovely stretching and toning session before doing my first one hour instructor supervised class tomorrow. Thanks Nikki. Best wishes to you and your baby.

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Katja. Thanks for your lovely comment. Nikki is now on maternity leave... :) But she will definitely be back with more classes!!

Katja H

Great queuing, Nicky! Can we have more classes from you, pls? Intermediate?! Thank you!

Sarah C

Great class. I have a 6 month old baby and need to get my shape back. This class is a great starting point. Thank you. X

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