lily R

Such clear instruction! Just as good as having a teacher standing next to you.

Lois W

Thank you for a lovely class. Feel stretched and relaxed and challenging enough for now.

Rachel M

Very relaxing but reasonably challenging - a great class for someone a bit out of practice. Brilliant explanations from the teacher made breathing much easier, thanks


What a great class! I loved the way you break down all the exercises! Thank you, ladies!

Catherine D

Great class thanks Nikki, look forward to a class in person soon xx

Elyse M

Fantastic work-out! Thank you and I will be using this again!

Rebecca G

I love the pace of this class and the visualisation I found useful (toothpaste tube in particular) Thank you! :)


Great class! Thank you Nikki and Vanessa, you make a great team and I find Nikki's voice and explanations so clear....I love when says, "your legs just happen to be there" it really helped me understanding that it's my abs that are doing the work.

Katie F

Great for my first class - perfect pace. I love that I can access these around my work schedule and they are very clear.

nicola b

This is the first class I have tried and after a day sat at my desk all my neck and shoulder tension has reduced -great class thank you

Andrea C

Lovely way to start the day feel taller :)

Mike B

I have done no Pilates for two weeks while away on holiday and I found this was a lovely stretching and toning session before doing my first one hour instructor supervised class tomorrow. Thanks Nikki. Best wishes to you and your baby.

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Katja. Thanks for your lovely comment. Nikki is now on maternity leave... :) But she will definitely be back with more classes!!

Katja H

Great queuing, Nicky! Can we have more classes from you, pls? Intermediate?! Thank you!

Sarah C

Great class. I have a 6 month old baby and need to get my shape back. This class is a great starting point. Thank you. X

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