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Gabriela H

Thank you Nikki, great shoulder, gluts and thigh stretches. will work through the pain...

Posted on 21/04/2018

natasha v

excellent stretching of those particularly tight hidden muscles. painful but in a good way.
thank you!

Posted on 24/06/2017

Rachel B

Good use of 10 minutes

Posted on 03/03/2016

sharon c

Enjoyed that little bit of explanation re foam roller that is missing in other classes. Nikki wasn't joking when she mentioned "pain'......we'll worth working on!! Thanks.

Posted on 19/08/2014

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Jil. Happy to hear you loved Nikki's class. We have filmed more of Nikki's wonderful classes and will add them to the site over the next few months! Keep us the good work :) Amit

Posted on 26/09/2013

Mark F


Posted on 21/09/2013

Jil B

Thank you, Nikki, it really does help!! :-)

Can you make more of these videos?

I love it...:-)

Posted on 19/09/2013

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