Liz M

yes good

Yvonne B

This has to be my favourite way to make my lower back feel great in the mornings - or any time of the day! Thanks Amit, for such a comprehensive class in a short time. Love the overball!

Amit - yoopod .

My absolute pleasure Yvonne! I too LOVE the over-ball and how it makes my back feel any time of the day!! :) Amit

Jan T

Love using the overball in my classes and this class was fab. Thanks Amit

Amit - yoopod .

Glad you enjoyed the class Jan :) I LOVE the overball!! Amit

Gosia B

I've tried quite few diffrent sessions with a smal ball but this one, though for beginners, is activating and stretching muscles more than I could expect. Thank you for this class!

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you for your lovely comment Gosia. Very glad you enjoyed the class. The Over Ball is one of my favourite props and my "to go" place when I want the workout to simply feel "yummy" on the body :)

julie H

Great stretching exercise I feel great which is the hour long version I'd like to try it?

Sarah B

As always clear instructions and demonstration. I don't have a ball so used a small cushion. It kind of worked but I think I might just invest in a proper ball for next time!

Linnéa S

Great class, just right for my arthritis in my lower spine...

Marie C

This was my first class using the over-ball and it gave the exercises a completely different dynamic, which I enjoyed! I shall most certainly be taking this class again once I deflate my ball more. Thank you!

sharon c

the instructions with the ball are clear and really help with understanding the use of the abdominals

Catherine G

Really clear instructions, it was good to feel that I was getting into the correct position :)

Susan B

Did a 1 hour class based on this one with Amit last week and it was excellent. If I had gone out looking for a class to give me exactly what I needed I couldn't have found a better one. Thanks. It was blooming marvellous!

Julia H

very clear explanations! :)

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