Kavita R

Excellent work out! Found the last bit hard but will improve over time

JUlie C

Really good to get me started -and an area most of us want to concentrate on.
Thank you


Ooftt burn burn burn Thanks Amit

Gabriela H

Thank you Amit,
great abs workout.

Jo C

Wow that was a tough 12 minutes - I'm still struggling to do the roll ups without using momentum and having to grab my legs but i think if I keep doing this class then I might get there eventually, Thanks Amit

Eva R

Did it the 3rd time and will keep repeating to get better as I need that right now, great to do a quick regular workout when short on time but still feel the need to move. Do some warm up before and chest opening afterwards, perfect way to end and come down after a busy day :)

Mhairi A

Excellent class really effective. I worked up a sweat in ten minutes!

Jane U

A really excellent focused class - and I agree with an earlier comment that it is a great start to the day.

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Julie. Thanks for your message. I am really glad to hear how good you feel after the class :) Pointing the toes can easily give us cramps... because we spend too much time in shoes and our feet get stiff! Try the foot sequence in the following class; it will help over time if you make sure to do it regularly. Best Amit

julie H

I have done this exercise every morning before work, it has set me up for the day, waking me and giving a good stretch. I have found myself standing taller and straighter as a result, however, if I keep my toes pointed like Amit, I get cramp in my feet and toes! Any ideas how I can stop this please?

sharon c

Love the idea of the pelvis dipping down in plank to stretch out abdominals

Marie C

Wow, that was fantastic! Thank you.

Carol O

Great work out

Amit - yoopod .

Well done Moshe!! Hope you felt better for doing the class and hope your "trapped nerve" situation is resolved soon! and thanks for the compliments as well... :)

Moshe B

Did it as best I could with a "trapped nerve", so a bit of cheating took place. Nevertheless awesome technique to work the abs in a low-impact way. Thanks Amit, you are an outstanding instructor (oh, have I said it before?).

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