Nicely challenging for te abs...there is room for progress!
Thank you Holly and watch you again!

Charlotte F


I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists and I'm currently wearing splints. Push ups and any other exercise which requires me to have my hands and wrists in that position (the same as four point kneeling) causes flare-ups of the CPS so I need to find a prop or an alternative position for those exercises. Do you have any suggestions please? I don't know if it's alright to push up on my fingertips or fists so that my wrists are straight, and I don't want to cause new problems with my hands by doing something inappropriate. I'm not very familiar with props.


Charlotte F

Sorry, ignore that ^ I've just discovered the modifications videos in the resources section! Looks like propping up on my fists instead of my hands is perfectly acceptable. Thank you for having so much information on the website!

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Charlotte
Thanks for your comments. I am glad you found the wrist modifications clip and that it was helpful! Alongside finding the right modification for the time being, I would suggest looking at long term strategies of how to mobilise and strengthen your fingers, hands and wrists in order to be able to recover from the CPS.
Best wishes

Judith B

I really cannot do the roll up, what exercises help build up to this please? Can you recommend a class please, the rest of the class is challenging but doable. Thank you.

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Judith
Many people find the Roll Up to be very challenging, for many different reasons... so please don’t worry about it! We have a video that talks you through the exercise which you might find helpful
In addition, I can suggest a few other things to try:
Roll Down from sitting to lying down very slowly, with as much control as you can master and then roll up through the side (rolling to one side and then back to sitting) to start the process again.
Try placing a small folded towel under your lower back so that as you roll down and up your lower back can press into the towel. This might help if your lower back is naturally quite curved.
Try holding small hand weights (or small bottles of water) in your hands while rolling up and down (but please be careful when you take the arms overhead- when lying down- as the arms will feel very heavy…). This would help if your legs are lighter relatively to the weight of your upper body
I hope this will help!

Best, Amit

Judith B

Thank you Amit I will, try the towel trick. I have just done one of your classes that uses the elastic band to assist the roll up and that worked quiet well. So I think I will need to build the muscles up before I can do it. I will definitely work with the link you posted.

Amit - yoopod .

I am glad to hear the elastic band helped Judith! Whichever trick helps, please don't feel that you need to "move on" from it very quickly... the body takes a long time to change (months and years) and often what stops a person from doing a Roll Up is not lack of strength but rather tightness in the back and in the front of the hips which can take a very long time to change. Best, Amit

Mhairi A

Challenging but great!

Marie C

Wow, I appreciate the number of exercises this class moves through in a short period of time; and it was challenging too! Thank you.

Sarah A

well done Michelle, is it getting any easier?

Michelle H

Quite a lot of tummy work, which was what I wanted. Even though it is a basic level class I found some of the exercises very challenging - makes me more determined to keep practising.

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