Sarah E

As someone getting back into Pilates after some time away I thought this was great! Thank you Holly!

Annie B

Great cueing as to how to use the circle. Thank you, Holly!

Susan J

good well structured class but may go a little quickly in parts for a basic level to follow and get the movement to come from deep abdominals, particularly in the forward bends. as with all the classes if instead of the 2 students facing the same direction it would be helpful if one could give the side view.

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Catherine. Thanks for your comment! Holly's style is very different to Nathan's and her emphasis is different... that is why she does not spend as much time explaining the exercises in detail. If you do wish to give Holly another go maybe you should try class 158. If not... hope you will enjoy the other teachers :)

Catherine G

Afraid not very keen on this class! I did not find the instructions very clear at all. My recommended class last week with Nathan was so clear thus was a wee bit disappointing. I shall stick with it though and hopefully will improve

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