Sarah B

Having a variety of teachers is such a benefit, I learned some new things today from Holly which was great. Remembering to engage those deeper abdominals is going to take a while!

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Mike. Thanks for your comment. We love Holly for her enthusiasm :) and also for her fast flowing, fun classes... I agree that sometimes when you have to figure out an exercise while doing it, 2 reps is not quite enough. May I suggest repeating the same class a number of times until you can follow it just by listening without watching the screen? I believe this make it much more enjoyable and give you a great sense of achievement! Best, Amit

Mike B

The class is done with loads of enthusiasm but sometimes it got away from me. Doing an exercise just twice does not really work on a web class as we viewers are still trying to figure out what you want us to do as you move on to the next exercise. May I suggest that five repetitions is a better minimum.
Also, while the class is quite good on its own it does not fit well with this weeks other class in week 5 of the basic programme as it introduces 'for the first time' exercises that have just been done on the earlier of the two classes in this weeks programme.

Marie C

My first class with props and a great start to Week 5 of Toned & Lean Basic. I enjoyed some not-seen-before exercises. Thank you!

Jil B

Hey Holly,

thank you for the nice class. I enjoyed it. Holly, it is possible to give the cues a bit slowlier, so I can follow your class more fluently.

Du bist sehr symphatisch!

Liebe Grüße from Germany! :-) Jil

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