Ginny T

Wonderfully clear instructions that help me to find and engage the appropriate muscles for each exercise. I also appreciate the fluidity with which Amit adds reminders throughout each exercise to engage abs, relax shoulders, etc. An excellent way to develop good form. Thank you!

Liz M

Good class

Kay S

This is my 2nd class with you, Amit. I really appreciate how detailed yet simple your instructions are and the variations.

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you for your lovely comment Kay. I am glad to hear my teaching style works well for you and hope you'll enjoy many of my classes on yoopod :)
Any questions please just drop me a line
Warm wishes
Amit (

Juli L

coming back to Pilates after many years. really enjoyed this class. Thank you Amit!

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you for your lovely comment Juli! I hope our classes will help you re-ignite the Pilates passion and feel great in your body :)
Any questions please drop me a line.
Best wishes
Amit (

Michele T

This was great! Very clear and I appreciated the tips on how to make it more challenging. Thank you!

elaine e

thank u Amit , enjoying mat classes

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you Elaine! I am SO glad you are enjoying the classes :) Miss you!! xx

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you Elaine! I am SO glad you are enjoying the classes :) Miss you!! xx

Joanna M

I found your swan/lower back explanation really helpful, thank you.

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you Joanna! BW, Amit

emily c

great. enjoyed it

Elite T

Great class, nice variation on the back work which really worked my arms!


Thanks! Clear instructions as always!

Kavita R

Enjoyed this class. Your clear instructions and pointers on where to focus for the movement makes the exercise better. Thank you!

Sara D

My first class. Have just signed up as I can no longer get to my usual Pilates class. I was concerned about my technique doing an online class but this is so well explained that I didn't need to worry at all. Very impressed and looking forward to my next class :-)

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Sara and welcome to yoopod :) I am very glad you enjoyed the class and that you felt you can easily follow it. If in the future you have questions re technique you can always look at the exercise library where you will see more detailed explanations Notice that you can use the Search Box on that page to find the exercise more easily.
Alternatively, you can drop me an email with your question
I look fwd to hearing from you in the future. Amit

Sarah B

Great class, very well explained. I enjoy Amit’s clear instruction

Mhairi A

Great class, thank you!

Christina P

Thank you, really enjoyed this class. Must admit you are my favorite teacher, you explain things so very well.

Caroline D

Bit rusty on pilates. i would usually do intermediate but this was a nice level for getting back on track. very good pace. thank you

Tessa H

First class done on pilatesod, fantastic. Really enjoyed it.

Suzanne R

Really enjoyed but movements on the side hurt my hip so don't think got technique right!

Diane B

Good overall workout - really enjoyed it and feel ready to face the day. Clear demonstrations and instructions

Lara H

Really enjoyed this 20min session, lovely clear instructions, thank you

sharon c

Sore back from travelling, wonderful new class Amit. I loved the high kneeling roll down into push up. As always your instruction is clear and really makes me focus in on my position. many thanks.

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