Wendy W

Good workout in the short time, great for squeezing into a busy day! Thanks Amit


Great class Amit, thanks Antonio

Amit - yoopod .

Thanks Antonio! Hope you are well! Amit

Naomi S

Really good way to start the day, thank you

Heather K

Wonderful Class and fantastic flow - The perfect amount of time to fit into my evening to energise me and work on my core strength after a long day looking after my two babies! Thankyou Amit

Paula S

Great all over class, thank you!

Amanda W

Great all over work out to start the day.

Jane U

First video I've done since becoming a member and an excellent start - looking forward to doing more!

Stuart D

Great transitions

sharon c

Super class,covering everything in such a short time many thanks!!

Roger W

Great after a morning of gardening then shut in by rainfall!

Kit R

Nice stretch, especially good for the back

Maxine W

Just signed up and did my first class - a 20 min one, if only I had time for more right now! Many thanks and I'm looking forward to the next one x

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Tracey. Glad to hear you are feeling better for taking the class!! Best Amit

Tracey M

Good gentle exercises but stretch out the back nicely. I feel a lot better after a long day at work.

Marija V

great exercises

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