Barbara T

I really love the end of this one. Thinking about the imagery of stacking your bones helps me to find the feeling of almost perfect alignment, which is so elusive. Thank you for the clear descriptions and gentle reminders of where to place my focus.

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you for your lovely comment Barbara! It is funny that you say "almost perfect alignment"... please don't strive for perfection - it does not really exist... instead just do your best every time you are on the Mat and enjoy the moment and how it feels in your body :)
Warm wishes

Gabriela H

great class Amit, thank you! Very challenging exercises at times. Will repeat and get better with time! All the best!!

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you Gabriela! I am sure it will feel different after you'll take the class a few times! :)

Ioana S

Loved the complete workout, done at a pace in which I could focus on doing the exercises correctly. Thank you, Amit!

sarah H

A good class with plenty of challenge. It was nice to have the extra time both at the beginning and end for breathing and back articulation exercises.

Rachel J

Absolutely loved the cueing. Thank you very much.

kamala r

Very clear teaching by Amit as usual.Have to revisit the class many times to build my strength to do few of the advanced exercises.

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