Cecile M

great class !
thank you so much

Cecile M

great class !
thank you so much

Katia H

Amazing what you manage to achieve in only 45 minutes. Set me up for the day. Thank you so much!

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you Katie! I could not agree more... after 25 years I am still amazed at how much better my body feels after every Pilates class :)
BW, Amit

Gabriela H

Love this class Amit, thank you! Just can not stretch my legs doing the teaser. Is it ok to have them bend?
Thank you!!

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you Gabriela! :)
Yes, totally fine keeping your knees a little bent in the Teaser!! I would suggest also keeping the legs slightly turned out (so your feet will touch but the knees bend slightly away from each other).
Hope this helps

Julie B

Really enjoyed the class Amit, Thanks you

valerie r

As a teacher myself , love your classes and all the explanations you give with. Thank you

You can't cough in your hands anymore :)

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you for your lovely comment Valerie! :)
As for coughing... can't wait to be able to cough/sneeze without feeling like the whole world is watching with horror... ;)
Best wishes

Michelle S

Core and stretch! Nice class!

sharon c

Absolutely loved this class!!! So much variety,feel really stretched.

ipek A

Wonderful Class Amit Thank you

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