Julia A

Lovely class. It's so nice to find a class that accommodates inflexible people. Thank you.

I struggle with Yoga, and some Pilates moves, due to tight hamstrings, hips and/or lower back - I'm not always sure which part(s) are causing the inflexibility. In fact, this stiffness is holding my progress back quite significantly. I have real problems with forward flexion, despite having practised Pilates for years. Are there any classes that you would recommend which specifically target these areas?

Many thanks,

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Julia. Thanks for your lovely comment. Please don't feel that the tightness is holding you back from progressing... the goal is not to do the exercises with straight legs or to be able to roll down and touch the floor, but rather to improve your own muscular balance in a way that allows you to move and function more easily and without injury. Some people are born with less flexible "genes"... I used to dance with a brilliant dancer who was not flexible at all! (I know it is hard to believe ;o)) Saying that, I can suggest a couple of things- 1) Use a block/thick book to sit on for all the seated exercises- just like you did in this class 2)Try to spend time stretching your hamstrings and gluts before or after the classes. I would NOT try to force the back to bend fwd but would definitely spend time on the legs and hips. I hope this helps. Amit

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