lily R

lovely and effective - just what I needed to settle my mind which was racing.

Linda N

This is a lovely class and one I have done before. Such a wonderful, relaxing voice. Thank you Alexander.

lovely g

thank you Alexander for a soothing and peacefulstart of my day.

Lorna B

lovely g

Lorna Belle

Thank you a very goos start of my day.

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Gabriela. Thank you for your lovely comment. I am sure it is absolutely fine to sit in a chair if this helps. Make yourself comfortable so that you can focus on the class and not on being uncomfortable... Best, Amit

Gabriela H

Thank you! A very nice start for me into meditation. Felt the breath well travelling up behind my head and down my spine. is it ok to sit leaning against something? I did it sitting on a mat and I think I slumped. Will do it again soon!

Susanne B

Hmmm. I'm afraid I could get there.

Jacqueline B

This was my very first attempt at meditation. Im not sure it worked as it should as i was aware that it felt a little odd! Maybe a sign of too much stress and that i need to do more of this! However - that said i definitely felt something, my eyes took ages to focus at the end and i felt a weight travel through my shoulders and into my spine. I will be doing this again and am keen to see how more practise at it changes my experience!

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