lily R

I really enjoyed this and it's reminded me why I used to do yoga years ago. I want to get back into it and this will inspire me to do so. There was a good flow and I felt really relaxed and stretched at the end. Thank you!

Caroline M

Instructions are so fast! No time to listen and absorb anything, he is racing through everything so quickly...would be so much better if the basics were slow and explained. How am I supposed to learn when I’m jumping all over the place looking at what he’s doing and trying to keep up?! This is supposed to be basics, I would like to learn one thing at a time.

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Caroline and thanks for your message.
As far as Yoga classes for beginners go - this is a slow and well explained class... but I totally hear you and am well aware that many people find it difficult to follow Yoga classes in the first few weeks!
I can suggest a few things -
1. You can keep the laptop next to you and start/stop/rewind as many times as necessary to ensure you feel comfortable with the poses.
2. You can look at Basic level classes by Sophie Coats who works very slowly and breaks things down a lot in her Hatha Yoga classes.
3. You might want to consider taking Pilates classes for a while in order to gain strength and confidence that will help you with the yoga classes. If you choose this route I would recommend starting with the Beginner Course here-

I hope this helps.
If you have any questions at all please drop me a line


I did this class straight after a big squat session in the gym. It was fantastic for loosening off my hamstrings, glutes and lower back. Stewart's cues and tips are well timed and extremely helpful. Will definitely be doing this class again. Thanks

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