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Jan T

Really enjoyed this class. I also struggle with rollover but persevering. Thanks Amit :)

Posted on 05/03/2018

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you Jan! Please see my reply to the previous comment with information regarding the Roll Over. Hope it helps :) Amit

Posted on 05/03/2018

Joanne H

Excellent class with very clear instruction. Not able to do the roll over or the teaser prep yet but I will keep practicing. Is there any other modification for the rollover? I can't even get my pelvis off the floor.

Posted on 04/03/2018

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Joanne. Glad you enjoyed the class :) Regarding the Roll Over- have a look at this clip for more details on how to perform the exercise
You may want to place a rolled towel or a pillow under your pelvis to elevate it from the floor at the start position until you feel you don't need it anymore.
You can also go to our Ask the Expert section and type in Roll Over to see more detailed advice.
Hope this helps. Amit

Posted on 05/03/2018

Rachel K

Nice class.

Posted on 29/09/2015

Penny B

Thank you Amit - loved that class and all the careful guidance - will be trying it again very soon; especially the teaser preparation - not able to do that yet!

Posted on 10/06/2015

sharon c

Plenty of movement in this class, with lots of attention by Amit to positioning and aids to achieve good position. Loved it!

Posted on 18/03/2015

Amit - yoopod .

My pleasure Susie :) The Saw is so tricky for so many people, we always need to come up with new modifications for it...

Posted on 06/05/2014

Susie B

Really enjoyed this class, pace was just right, not too rushed or too slow. Will be using saw variation with my class thanks amit

Posted on 05/05/2014

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