Andrew M

This is a good class to get into the breath sequences if new to Jivamukti.
There is one problem - it says No Prop but props are required. I've found that lots of the classes on the site say No Prop where props are actually used - it's frustrating having to interrupt classes to go and get props. Could someone at yoopod check and update the props info on the classes please.

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Andrew
Thanks for your comment. I totally get the frustration if you have to stop a class and go bring a prop! Problem is that Yoga teachers really love their props... and the list can get VERY long sometimes... and we don't want people to be put off by a huge list of props that they probably don't even have at home. That is why all Yoga classes say "No prop" but people know that they should quickly scan the class before they start to see what props are being used (and some people just ignore the props and practice without...)
Can I suggest to have the props you normally need yourself next to you for all classes and if/when a prop is suggested and you have it then it is already there?
Hope this helps and that you'll keep enjoying the classes.

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