Katherine S

Great class, challenging at times and definitely one I'll keep returning to. Thanks Nathan!


I really enjoyed this first class with Nathan! I am still at that sage where I still need instructions about when to breath in and out....I might not be at a full intermediate level yet!


Thanks for a great work out. Great sequential build up and I can see myself using this In mixed classes. Lovely calm voice Nathan and great cues. Man of which I have already adopted as my own! Jill sandford

Helen O

Thank you Nathan for a great class, loved how each exercise was devleloped- especially 'thread the needle' and the cobra to swimming ! Will definitely do this again and again - thank you so much

Maria H

Liked this class. Good, clear instruction. Liked the building up of some of moves and some variations to make move more challenging.

Sarah A

Great class it start the day. I enjoyed the building up of the exercises from the easy to the challenging.

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