Chloe T

Wow pretty intense! Not sure about the one more for fun in the 'grand finale' :-) and not wrong about the towel needed! Will be doing this one again.

Michelle S

One of my favs!

Ivona M

Excellent class, enjoyed it a lot!

Gabriela H

loved this class! Thank you Amit!!

Angie B

Really enjoyed the class....challenging but great workout!! Thanks

Caroline D

Very good recommendation for my "Class of the Week" - I'll do this one again. Challenging, with a few variations to keep it all fresh!. Feel very invigorated now!

Sally V

This is a really good workout. The pace was just right and the repetition of certain instructions really made me think about what my body was doing - my shoulders are now in the right position!!

I think this will become one of my favourite classes.

Marija V

Just great!

Katja H

Great class! Enjoyed selection and build-up of exercises, attention to detail and just the right speed! All feels worked at and worked out:-) thank you!

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