Another amazing class!Thank you Amit and Camilla!
Loved the reminders about shoulders that tend to either go toward the ears or drop down too much. Feeling great!

Jody A

Loved this class. Really felt like it worked all part of the body and it was just the right amount of challenge. Great instruction as always, lots of pointer to take away and work on. Definitely a favourite! Thank you Amit :)

Chloe T

Wow pretty intense! Not sure about the one more for fun in the 'grand finale' :-) and not wrong about the towel needed! Will be doing this one again.

Michelle S

One of my favs!

Ivona M

Excellent class, enjoyed it a lot!

Gabriela H

loved this class! Thank you Amit!!

Angie B

Really enjoyed the class....challenging but great workout!! Thanks

Caroline D

Very good recommendation for my "Class of the Week" - I'll do this one again. Challenging, with a few variations to keep it all fresh!. Feel very invigorated now!

Sally V

This is a really good workout. The pace was just right and the repetition of certain instructions really made me think about what my body was doing - my shoulders are now in the right position!!

I think this will become one of my favourite classes.

Marija V

Just great!

Katja H

Great class! Enjoyed selection and build-up of exercises, attention to detail and just the right speed! All feels worked at and worked out:-) thank you!

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