Kay V

Done this a couple of times, lovely straightforward all round class

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you Kay. Very glad you enjoyed the class :)
Stay well

lily R

Great class - it was really good to keep being reminded of engaging my stomach muscles and allowed me to go further than I thought.

Michelle S

Excellent! Instructions are great and reminders of core engagement really help!

Sarah A

Fantastic flowing class with such clear instructions. Great!

Emma F

Great mix and a bit of pace too!

Katherine S

I really enjoyed this class; some exercises quite a challenge, however I'm looking forward to doing this class again and improving my technique. Many thanks!

Kate M

I enjoyed my first class of Pilates OD. I look forward to many more sessions and challenges.


Really enjoyed the class some good combinations and varied muscle groups. Thank you

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Helena. So nice to hear from you! We miss you at the studio... but I am glad to hear you are enjoying PilatesOD :-)

Helena O

Ooh, just done my first POD class ! Just like being back in class with you, Amit! Addicted already. Thank you! :-)

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