Thea N

A beautiful class! I love Alessandra's classes!

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Susan. Thanks for your lovely comment. I am glad you enjoyed the class! There is no "better" variation of the squat... whatever variation you can do in your body without strain is a good variation for you! If your heels come off the ground I would suggest using the block (or a thick enough book) under the heels as demonstrated in minute 16 and 17 of the class. If you find that holding on to something (a door frame maybe) is more helpful at the moment then please do that for now. I hope this helps. Amit

Susan J

This is a good class for opening the hips, but as mine are so tight I cannot get into a deep squat without lifting my ankles or holding onto something in front whilst slightly rounding the back or only getting my thighs to 90 degrees or less. Some guidance on which variation is better would be great. Otherwise the explanation and guidance were very good.

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