Joanna F

There is no sound on this video - audio would be helpful!!

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Joanna
Sarah is right... all players these days start automatically on mute (because people use them a lot in public spaces) and then the user needs to actively un-mute it.
If you have any other tech issues please do drop us a line
BW Amit

Sarah A

The class has sound. Sometimes, on a device it starts muted and you need to unmute it.

Tom B

As a beginner to yoga in general, I found this too fast paced with too many new concepts being introduced in a short space of time. I was hopping all over the place before I'd even managed to get the hang of the breathing. Is there a different style of yoga I should try first to get used to the basic positions?

ellie S

Thank you for providing this level for me I am a complete beginner and was in need of this information I am going to follow the course x

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