Amit - yoopod .

Hi Charlotte. I agree that this class is not very easy, especially if one isn't flexible or holds a lot of tension in the shoulders and neck. Saying that... the Ashtanga Yoga method has a very specific progression to it and this class represents accurately what people will learn in their first Ashtanga class (when taught the method in it's traditional form). If this class is too much for you I can suggest taking some of the Basic level Vinyasa Flow classes and maybe revisiting this series later on. Hope this helps. Best, Amit

Charlotte M

this is not a beginners class!

Nicole T

Hi! I just tried this class for the first time and because I'm not flexible at all I can't do the downward dog position properly i.e. my heels don't touch the floor even if I bend my knees. Is that alright? Can I still do this position on the tip of my feet?

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