Gabriela H

Thank you! Loved the class. A really nice all body workout

Dagmar D

Excellent Class Nathan! Very holistic, in terms of muscle focus addressed, and explained with precision. Thank you

Linda B

Great class and really enjoyed the flow from one challenge to another.

Angie B

This was an excellent class...faster paced.....lots of different exercises really great!

Nicole T

Great class, quite challenging but revigorating.

Liz D

Great class, enjoyed the pace and variations of exercises. Thank you Nathan .


Great innovation and challenge. Enjoyed. Jill Sandford

Sara I

Dynamic class and great progression on various exercises!

Nicole N

Perfect pace, i like the dynamic

sharon c

Super class,quite challenging,really enjoyed the variations on excercises!

Angela G

Fantastic class. Really good and clear teaching. Thank you.

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