Kay V

Enjoyed that, I'll do it again. The band certainly adds something!

Amit - yoopod .

We're glad you enjoyed the class Kay. and yes, the band definitely does help :)

Emma F

Excellent class - good challenge, excellent stretch and clear instructions

Judy J

Always love Nathan’s work. So clear and well explained.
Thank you :-)

Nesta S

Love this one - lots of new ideas for my classes, thank you!

Chris b

Great class well explained thanks

lily R

I thought this was great. I particularly liked using the band in cobra and teaser, and the explanations made so much sense - I will do these exercises, with or without the band, so much better now.

Chris b

Love this one feel very stretched and free thanks

Chris b

Loved this class so well explained

Linda B

Great class. Am returning to pilates after a break and this class is a good reminder of how great you feel after doing some exercise.

Helen O

Lovely class, thank you, Nathan, lovely variations with the band- loved the teaser!!

Sarah A

Excellent use of the band. I enjoyed new exercises with the band that I never tried before.

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you everyone for your great comments! Nathan is indeed a wonderful, creative teacher. We are so lucky to have his classes on yoopod!

sharon c

Very clear instruction! Lots of wonderful use of the band, really enjoyed.

Hannah P

Love the Spine Stretch Forward and Side Reach combo, and the waist twist with the band - they're in the lesson plans for next week! Thanks, Nathan.

Lois W

A good workout and interesting use of the band to make it more challenging. Thank you.

Katja H

Thank you for this class with very interesting variations using the band! More please:-)!

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