Kate G

A little fast for a newbie intermediate like myself, and some of the camera angles did not capture the shape the back was supposed to be so I got a little confused, but a nice workout with different movements than in other videos. Thanks!

Catherine H

Oh my goodness! I so enjoyed this class, really great, thank you! Your instruction works well and you've added in some different exercises which we do a version of in the reformer classes, so it was good to you h base with those again! I shall definitely move myself on to more intermediate classes. But I shall continue to explore the basic ones - there seem to be so many! :-) xcx

Amit - yoopod .

Your comments give me joy and put a smile on my face Catherine :) Keep up your great work and keep them coming.. ;) Take care Amit

Kay V

Done this twice after cycling, an excellent counter balance. Thanks

Joan V

Good challenge after doing many 20 min classes!


This class was for me a great transition from beginner level to intermediate...the right intensity and the right challenge.
Thank you Amit!

Amit - yoopod .

My pleasure Nathalie! :)

Kathy W

I like this! I have neck issues so I don’t do rollovers; I have a shoulder issue so I don’t do
side shoulder planks. I’m a swimmer ( and the pools have been closed for a week with no end on the horizon ) so the chest opening exercises resonate w me

Amit - yoopod .

I am glad to hear you have enjoyed the class Kathy :) I have sent you an email this morning from with suggestions for classes that will hopefully be good for you and make you feel good! BW, Amit

Marie S

A challenging class for me. Lots to work on and improve on. I’ll be back!

Karen F

Thank you, terrific flow and it helped me to see Amit modeling the movement throughout. Marking this one as a Favorite!

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you for this lovely comment Karen :) Warm wishes, Amit

lily R

Good and challenging 30 min workout

Gabriela H

Fantastic Class Amit! Thank you!

Jane B

My first 30 minute class and I loved it! The flow of movements is calm and focused and I like the attention Amit pays to the breath.
I will certainly do this class again.

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Caroline
I am glad you have enjoyed the class! :) I agree that one needs to know the basics well for this class and that it might be a bit too quick for someone transitioning from a Basic to an Intermediate level... Best, Amit

Caroline D

Excellent fast paced, flowing, work out. Not good if you don't know the basics as may be too fast for early intermediate level.

Elena I

Great workout, thank you Amit!

Kathryn S

Another excellent class, thanks Amit!

Marija V

This exercise is gooing to my favorites.

Kamila V

Very good class Amit, thank you,I didn't have much time today and this class was just perfect for me.I like the flow and the choice of exercises.The music in the background is calming-relaxing- very nicet.I'm feeling good after only 30 minutes!!! Fantastic!!!! I will do it soon again!!!!

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