Angela H

Felt like I had to focus to get the right position but that is what its all about. good work out.

Michelle S

Great class! Got a lot out of 30 mins

Rebekka M

Wonderful class. Amit is the best.

Sarah J

My first yoopod class - great introduction :o)

Sarah A

Fabulous class to start the day. Half an hour feels so doable!!

Emma F

Great class - lots in half an hour and really clear!

Angie B

Another great class from Amit! Thanks

Alison H

Really great class. Great cues and flowed beautifully.

Helen O

Loved this class - such clear instruction- great reminders and cues for shoulder blade positioning- thanks so much

Eva R

Beautiful class, all cues make sense indeed and are good to follow, found shoulder position to the back whilst lying on the side so very helpful!

Jemma W

Fab class Amit, thank you. Feel very centred and ready to teach this evening (with my shoulders on my back!!) Jemma x

sharon c

Abdominal work tough,but the cues re abdominal muscle/shoulder position great,

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