valerie r

I teach Pilates myself and always love your classes Amit.

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you Valerie! I am really glad you enjoy the classes and hope they help with both your practice and the teaching. Warm wishes, Amit

Clare S

Great start to my day.

Sophia V

I loved this sequence, short, sweet and to the point! I really liked the back extensions and the transitions of the arms. Thank you.

Liz D

Great 20 mins will use this in my class . I really enjoyed it . Thanks Amit

Julia H

Great warm up to teaching my own class

Leslie G

Lots of activity in a brief 20 minutes, Its what I'm looking for thanks!

julie H

excellentclassas alwaysthanksamit

Maria H

Really enjoyed this 20 minutes. Will come back to it again and again for a quick 'work and feel good' session. Thanks.

sharon c

lovely class loved the tabletop legs with curl ups!

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