Meabh H

You’re a fantastic teacher .Thank you.

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you Meave! :) Amit

Clare S

Great short class to start the day. Any tips for how to keep my feet on the ground when I roll up. I can't do it without lifting my feet.

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Clare
Glad to hear you enjoyed Nikki's class :)
Re the Roll Up, I can suggest a few things for you to try:
Roll Down from sitting to lying down very slowly, with as much control as you can master and then roll up through the side (rolling to one side and then back to sitting) to start the process again.
Try placing a small folded towel under your lower back so that as you roll down and up your lower back can press into the towel. This might help if your lower back is naturally quite curved.
Try holding small hand weights (or small bottles of water) in your hands while rolling up and down (but please be careful when you take the arms overhead- when lying down- as the arms will feel very heavy…). This would help if your legs are lighter relatively to the weight of your upper body
Please also refer to our clip explaining how to do the Roll Up well -
I hope this helps

Clare S

Thanks. It really helps to have something under my back.

valerie r

I teach Pilates myself and always love your classes Amit.

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you Valerie! I am really glad you enjoy the classes and hope they help with both your practice and the teaching. Warm wishes, Amit

Clare S

Great start to my day.

Sophia V

I loved this sequence, short, sweet and to the point! I really liked the back extensions and the transitions of the arms. Thank you.

Liz D

Great 20 mins will use this in my class . I really enjoyed it . Thanks Amit

Julia H

Great warm up to teaching my own class

Leslie G

Lots of activity in a brief 20 minutes, Its what I'm looking for thanks!

julie H

excellentclassas alwaysthanksamit

Maria H

Really enjoyed this 20 minutes. Will come back to it again and again for a quick 'work and feel good' session. Thanks.

sharon c

lovely class loved the tabletop legs with curl ups!

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