Jan T

Very enjoyable class. I sometimes found myself in the wrong position as I couldn't see the screen, but that's more about my positioning I think. Thank you Anouska

Susan C

Great for whole back mobilisation. Nice to have some focus on upper back extension and especially rotation. I've been doing Pilates for years so found explaination ok but I do think if you are a beginner there may not have been enough emphasis on lower back stability in the upper back work.

Susan T

Very good instructions, connecting the whole bodt

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Michaela. I looked through the class again and think that with some minor modifications it can be enjoyed by people with neck issues and they may even feel better for taking the class. If you feel pain in your neck and not sure how to modify the exercise or if you have any question at all please email me on

Michaela W

Not a great one for neck problems but nice pace

Danger R

Wonderful, gentle set. Enjoyed the descriptions of subtle movement. And sometimes wanted more clarification at the beginning of each movement would have appreciated a bit more clear picture of where each pose was going before getting into the details.

sharon c

Really super class,stiff back this morning so perfect class to start the body moving. Thanks Anoushka.

Catherine G

I really like this class. The instructions are very clear and it helps my upper back as that is where I hold tension.

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