veronique H

I do appreciate how you correct postures throughout the class as it helps me be aware of things to improve and watch out . when I do correct them accordingly , what a difference it makes! thank you.

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you for your lovely comment Veronique :) Anoushka is a wonderful teacher and her cues and corrections are priceless! BW, Amit

Amy G

Fantastic class, thank you. Every part of my body feels reset and realigned. Good pace and very clear teaching.


I did this class first thing this morning and I felt that it reset my whole body, wonderful class and fantastic coaching...

Crista C

I love this class but I do wish that the all the Pilates instructors would stop focusing on the models getting every movement perfect. It’s not helpful to the viewer and slows down the energy.

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Crista. I am glad you loved the class :) Especially in the Basic level classes, it can be beneficial and valuable to try and listen to the corrections as if they were given to you personally. Hope this helps

Nick M

Yes, I think the corrections are important because, as you listen to them, they make you conscious of your own movements. It’s also a reminder that the models are learning as well and, like us, don’t get everything right all the time.

chantal e

I felt very therapeutic and I loved it.!Just sometimes instructions not so clear and difficult to do and watch at same time

sharon c

What a wonderful class Anoushka! Moved beautifully from one excercise to the other. The sitting block is such a wonderful tool,I feel stretched and energised.

Marie C

A very enjoyable fluid full-body class. I look forward to taking it again this week. Thank you.

dawn a

more really useful correction techniques and focus on correct alignment, helping me to improve my own observation skills when teaching. thank you Anoushka, Niki and Katy

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