Danielle S

A really enjoyable class with some more challenging exercises than normal for Basics.

Elyse M

This is really encouraging that we are building strength for more advanced moves. Thank you!

Liz M

Yes this class is excellent

Lisbeth D

Great class for those of you struggling with roll ups, hand weights can help or small folded towel at lower back is good too.

Jan T

Loved this apart from roll back, just can't get my lumbar region off the floor. I'll keep trying though :)

yoopod .

they say practice makes perfect.. :-)

Diane B

Nathan is very good at instruction. I too can't do the roll ups anymore so will work on it

Katherine S

A really good class with clear instruction and imagery.

Susan J

Very good class and instruction but I still cannot do roll ups. Once my shoulders are off the floor it is like the rest rest of my trunk is superglued to the mat. More stomach classes for me.

Renata A

Really good class!

Lara H

wow, really enjoyed, but struggled with some of the curl ups,

Marie C

I really enjoyed the fluid instruction and the building of the exercises to their full form. Thank you.

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Eva
Thanks for your lovely comment. I would suggest trying class number 056 as a progression to this class. Hope it helps!

Eva B

I love this class. Challenging for me yet I feel that I've accomplished something and had a great session. I've returned to Pilates after a gap, Nathan's class 065 was a fantastic way for me to refresh the basics and this class seems to progress from 065 perfectly. Is there a plan for Nathan to post an 067 to progress from this one?

sharon c

testing basic class,very enjoyable as it really makes you think about correct positioning.

Christine F

enjoyedd the class and formatt of the moves

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