Clare B

Woke up feeling stiff and sore everywhere. This really clear and well explained class was just what I needed. I feel energised and ready for my day. Thank you.

Elyse M

Great class. I love the preparation for more advanced movements!

Jan T

Great basic class, very relaxing :)

Sarah B

I enjoyed this class and felt I learned a lot. Everything was well explained. Still finding coordinating my breathing with the movements a challenge, but I'm getting there!

nicola b

I really enjoyed this class - a relaxing way to start my weekend :)

Susan J

Very good class, well explained and I do like the basics specialised programme - it gives you something to focus on in terms of progressing rather than randomly picking classes.

Marie C

Wow, my first 45 minute class in week-2 of Lean & Toned! I certainly found the class challenging, which was great. I loved the variety of not-seen-before exercises. Thank you!

Christine H

Nice session with variety.

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