Sally R

Lovely class after being sat at a desk all day, thank you!

Patrick D

Forgot how much control you need for simple exercises in Pilates. Good refresher and a good pace for beginners or those returning after a while

Elyse M

Just getting back into Pilates after several years. This class was a great re-introduction and great building to more advanced exercises. Thank you!

Victoria C

Great class, and thorough explanation of techniques. Really helped me think about my positions.

Carolyn B

Very nice - clear instructions and gentle pace.

Deirdre T

I did enjoy this workout but it was repeatedly skipping on me...nearly gave up on it. Maybe it was my internet connection but I dont usually have this problem.

Clare P

Brilliant little session for all levels - I struggle with open rocker so I loved the prep - something I will def practice. Thanks xx

Christina P

Thank you for this class, most enjoyable, easily understood. Feeling quite refreshed afterwards.

Sarah B

Another carefully crafted and well explained class. I really feel I'm making progress following this programme. Thank you.

julie H

great gentle workout over before it's begun, feeling well aligned now!

Catherine G

What a good class; good pace, clear instructions and gentle flow. I'll be back!

Marie C

Wow! What a fantastic challenging and varied class -- I really enjoyed it! I can see that I am certainly going to have to do this several times this week to improve my form on some of the balancing exercises. Thank you!

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