Alex W

Hi Amit,
Thanks for a really clearly explained class....I always love your classes!
I am most reassured to see others comments regarding roll ups! I have done pilates on and off for 15 years and still can't do them!
I have a scoliosis in my upper back combined with a hyper mobile lower back. I just can't do roll ups and Its like a whale thudding on the roll down !!!!
I will try with the elastic band and the towel...not been suggested to me before! THANK YOU!

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Alex
Thanks for your lovely message. I am really glad to hear you love the class and enjoy them :)
As for the Roll Up... you did make me laugh with the whale analogy... ;) Hope the tips will be helpful!

Ian V

I really enjoyed this class. The moves are so clearly and thoroughly explained. Great for all levels.

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you for your lovely comment Ian! BW Amit

Catherine H

A really good and thorough basic class. I did this one again today, having done it a couple of weeks ago and I can see that it is the precursor to Class 154. I enjoyed going through the exercises again at a slower pace just to get it all clearer in my head...and body! And Amit explains things so well :-) Very worth while doing it. Thank you so much.

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you for your lovely comment Catherine :) You are clearly using yoopod in the best way possible! I always recommend re-visiting classes and alternating between working at a slower pace (to improve technique) and challenging ourselves with quicker, more advanced classes. Well done!! BW, Amit

Catherine H

Hi Amit, this is more of a general question - I had to have, 6 years ago, many injections into my lower spine as part of treatment for cancer. The consequence of this is a build up of a lot of scar tissue making my lower back very inflexible. This makes it very difficult to do the roll down and back up without holding the sides of my legs to support. Can you suggest what
i could do instead of the more advanced moves when you don't hold on please? I'm guessing this is hard to say without actually seeing me, but i'm hoping that you may have some ideas! And just fyi, I can do bridge work very easily, it's just curling my lower spine forward that's the problem. Thank you :-)

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Catherine
If I understand you correctly, you are finding the Roll Up challenging because of the tightness in your lower back. If this is the case I would suggest a few things:
1. Take a few minutes before each workout to do some Cat stretches (and rest position) - to open up and stretch the lower back
2. Whenever possible- use an elastic band (around the feet) to support you as you roll up and down so that you can make the most out of the exercise
3. Some people find it useful to place a small pillow under the lower back in this exercise. the fact that the lower back is resting onto the pillow instead of sinking all the way down to the floor helps them enough to be able to roll through.
I hope this helps
If you have a more specific question re what you call "the more advanced moves" or any question at all, please drop me a line to
BW, Amit

Catherine H

A great class Amit! A very good all-over workout! I will definitely be doing this one again. Thank you!

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you for your lovely comment Catharine :) BW, Amit

Katie J

First time trying this. Thank you it as a good class. I struggle to feel that deep connection especially when you had us doing the side leg (double & single) raises. I couldn't feel it in my side. Not sure what I was doing wrong or how I can correct it?

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Katie
Glad you enjoyed the class :)
I would not worry to much about "feeling a deep connection"... definitely not on the first time that I take the class... It does not mean you did anything wrong!
In the side lying sequence, please just make sure you follow the instructions as best as you can-
1. When lifting both legs together- we do it from the muscles of the trunk (at the side) - so the legs move as one unit (like a mermaid's tail) and the pelvis and waist move
2. When lifting one leg at a time- I ask to keep the waist and pelvis stable and move only the legs! You can see that I place my hand under Andrea's waist and she is making sure to keep it off the floor at all times
I hope this helps.
Warm wishes

Jo w

Thanks Amit, a wonderful class full of very clear instruction which is so important as I always need correction.
I struggle with anything involving straight legs as my hamstrings are frightenly tight making sitting up straight near impossible, should I be sitting on a block or just have bent legs?

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Jo. Thanks for your lovely comment :)
Yes, please either sit on a block or sit with bent knees (or both...) - whatever allows you to sit upright comfortably and focus on your spine rather than your hamstrings. Also, when you do exercises like Hamstring Pull or Roll Over, simply do them with the legs slightly bent. It is TOTALLY fine!! :)
Best wishes, Amit

Line L

Great class to fire up the muscles. Thanks Amit.

Harriet T

Great class Amit - thanks so much!

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you Harriet! Glad you enjoyed it :) Amit

Harriet T

Thanks Amit! I am also keen to do real time zoom classes but I am not sure if my email to the Pilates junction email address has come through as I have received a couple of bounce backs. Would be grateful if you could let me know if you have received my email when you get a minute! No rush!


Another of Amit's class that I have really enjoyed...there is room for progress for me, especially when I lie face down, I don't feel I am using my abdominals in the right way.
Many thanks.

Liz M

Really good class

Mei D

Great class thank you. This is the first one I have tried on this site very impressed.

Judith B

Thank you Amit, I really enjoyed the class, most of it was really accessible, but like Ian I just can't do the roll ups. I can do them with a towel rolled up behind me as you suggested and that works, but I have been doing that for a few months now andI cannot progress beyond that to the full roll up. It looks so easy when you and yor demonstrators do it, but not for me. I am guessing I am not strong enough, but not sure how to get strong enough. Is there a muscle group I need to work on?


Amit - yoopod .

Hi Judith. Thanks for your comment. The Roll Up is a very tricky exercise for MANY people... I have Pilates Teachers who come to my Mat classes and workshops who use the same little tricks (like using the towel) for many years... I don't think that you are doing anything wrong... as your Abs get stronger and your back gets more flexible you should find it easier to do the exercise, but you may still benefit from using the towel. Please don't feel bad or worry about it at all!! Hope this helps. Best, Amit

Jan T

Enjoyed revisiting this class Amit. Do you have any suggestions for roll up progressions for beginners who simply cannot get past a chest lift?

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Jan. I am glad you enjoyed taking this class again :)
For Roll Ups- I can suggest:
1) working on rolling down very slowly and with as much control as possible and then rolling up through the side (roll to one side and push yourself up to sitting)
2) using the elastic band for assist (strap wrapped around the feet)
3) using a wedge or mini-ball behind upper back so that the movement is from sitting to the prop rather than all the way down to the floor.
Hope this helps

Moshe B

Thanks for a really helpful and enjoyable class Amit.

Amit - yoopod .

My pleasure :) Glad you enjoyed it!

Jan T

Really enjoyed Amit's class. Feeling well stretched. Thank you :)

Katherine S

I really enjoyed this class. Amit's clear instructions and cues help to get positioning spot on and I like the variations and progressions. Thanks Amit.

Heidi K

Feels so good! I got a few great technical comments, but I also need to find programmes that teach me more about breathing part, because I am very unsure about in- and outbreathing rythms!
Thank you very much!

Diane B

Lovely lovely class. It really feels like I am in a class and the teacher is here ! Thank you

anita l

Great technical comments, experience shows you automatically know where we are going wrong almost like your in the room.
Thanks Anita

Sandra I

Very good class, covers a lot in 45 minutes and you feel as though you've worked although at a relaxed pace. Thanks

Antonella B

perfect for me

Samantha B

I love this class. It is perfect for me and Amit's approach is SO thorough. I feel like I really am doing the exercises correctly. It's the little things he says that make you readjust so that the exercises real benefits are felt - Brilliant!!!!

Wilma H

I haven't done any Pilates for a few years now but I found it was all coming back to me. I find it helpful to always be reminded about the in and out breaths as it takes me a couple of repetitions to get the rhythm.
I enjoyed getting back to it!

Amit - yoopod .

Pleasure Gabriela! Glad it makes you feel better :) Amit

Gabriela S

Thank you Amit. Feeling nicer now after doing this.

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