Jan T

Enjoyed revisiting this class Amit. Do you have any suggestions for roll up progressions for beginners who simply cannot get past a chest lift?

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Jan. I am glad you enjoyed taking this class again :)
For Roll Ups- I can suggest:
1) working on rolling down very slowly and with as much control as possible and then rolling up through the side (roll to one side and push yourself up to sitting)
2) using the elastic band for assist (strap wrapped around the feet)
3) using a wedge or mini-ball behind upper back so that the movement is from sitting to the prop rather than all the way down to the floor.
Hope this helps

Moshe B

Thanks for a really helpful and enjoyable class Amit.

Amit - yoopod .

My pleasure :) Glad you enjoyed it!

Jan T

Really enjoyed Amit's class. Feeling well stretched. Thank you :)

Katherine S

I really enjoyed this class. Amit's clear instructions and cues help to get positioning spot on and I like the variations and progressions. Thanks Amit.

Heidi K

Feels so good! I got a few great technical comments, but I also need to find programmes that teach me more about breathing part, because I am very unsure about in- and outbreathing rythms!
Thank you very much!

Diane B

Lovely lovely class. It really feels like I am in a class and the teacher is here ! Thank you

anita l

Great technical comments, experience shows you automatically know where we are going wrong almost like your in the room.
Thanks Anita

Sandra I

Very good class, covers a lot in 45 minutes and you feel as though you've worked although at a relaxed pace. Thanks

Antonella B

perfect for me

Samantha B

I love this class. It is perfect for me and Amit's approach is SO thorough. I feel like I really am doing the exercises correctly. It's the little things he says that make you readjust so that the exercises real benefits are felt - Brilliant!!!!

Wilma H

I haven't done any Pilates for a few years now but I found it was all coming back to me. I find it helpful to always be reminded about the in and out breaths as it takes me a couple of repetitions to get the rhythm.
I enjoyed getting back to it!

Amit - yoopod .

Pleasure Gabriela! Glad it makes you feel better :) Amit

Gabriela S

Thank you Amit. Feeling nicer now after doing this.

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