Miranda S

Great session. First time I’ve done a longer session here and it felt good.
Thanks Amit.

Catherine H

Thank you Amit and Nicki! I really enjoyed this class as, again, I feel like it is a good progression to be making towards intermediate classes. But I shall pay heed to one of the earlier comment you made about rushing things, I am definitely not in a hurry to go up to the next level. I am really enjoying and getting a lot from the basic classes that I have come across. And although I have been doing Reformer classes for about 5 and a half years, by doing these mat classes I am learning many good and new techniques which can only be a good thing. I'm definitely going to try some more of your 45 minute classes Amit and most certainly will be doing this one again!

Caroline M

This was a good class for opening out and strengthening shoulders.

Caroline M

This was a good class for opening out and strengthening shoulders.


Thanks for this great class Nikki and Amit! As always I find all the tips you give so useful, they really help us focus and improve our postures

Joy W

Descriptions and explanations are really useful and great teaching tips.

Caroline D

Excellent class. Feeling a bit rusty so although I would usually do an intermediate class this was a great level to feel challenged but not over doing it. Good transition from basic to intermediate level.

Sarah B

Again, I appreciated the explanations and the detail which Amit gives. This gives me the confidence to know I'm doing the exercises properly and not doing myself any damage! I can also tell I'm making progress which is encouraging!

Julia W

Great descriptions, thorough gentle routine feeling stretched and engaged with pilates again.


the classes in basic programme are great.

Mike B

I love the pace that your classes have Amit. Thanks for another good one.

Marie C

It was really good to re-visit familiar exercises I learned in the Postnatal programs. It feels good to now be following the Toned & Lean Basic. Thank you.

Maria Clelia T

great class! thank you!

Tal D

Excellent class! Thanks

Michiyo N

Thank you for the very good class!  Very polite description is useful for me.

Yukiko T

Thank you for the great class!!!
I will try to keep traning with more classes in the website.

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