Trish L

Great strength building class. Looking forward to doing it again.

Elyse M

Keep returning to this class and feel myself getting stronger! Thank you!

Amit - yoopod .

That is a really lovely comment Elyse and exactly how Pilates works best... repeating the same patterns over and over again until we are "good" (strong/flexible/aware/coordinate) enough to progress.
Thank you!

Line L

Great instructions to the really basic stuff. Thank you for all the specific reminders.

Liz M

really good class


I always feel better after theses tutorials

Jan T

Thoroughly enjoyed this class. I've found as I've become older and a little less flexible that it is difficult getting into the figure 4 position towards the end. Your modification Amit was perfect, enabling me to still get that lovely thigh stretch without a struggle. Fabulous :)

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you for your lovely comment Jan :) I am glad the modification helped! Best, Amit

Maggi L

Great class to start the week, thanks

Sarah B

Again, another well explained class that gave me confidence to the exercises thoroughly. Definitely making progress!

elizabeth p

Fantastic class. i used the beginner dvd and found it amazing. i had sciatica for a year and this healed me. i am discovering a new body. Thanks so much. i have a 14 day free trial but i know i am going to be committed. it is a new way of life. Amit is so knowledgeable about the body - its challenges and potential. The explanations are so clear and interesting. thanks

pelin o

Love all the exercises in this class. Very clear and well demonstrated. I already became a fan of this website:) thank you.

Marie C

The beginning of week 4 of Toned & Lean Basic and I enjoyed the class. Very clear instructions; which was very beneficial since the picture 'froze' half way through the class. All the same I was able to complete the class. Thank you!

Amit - yoopod .

Thanks Catherine! Glad to hear you find the instructions so clear!! That was our goal... :)

Catherine G

Another really good class . The instruction is so clear.

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