Amy B

Feeling relaxed and calm after that session, thanks.

Eimear F

nice session

Diane B

My favourite class so far . Thank you . Lovely teacher too , it felt like you were in my room with me

Hanne W

loved it :) Such a good way to start the day. Wish I'd discovered this years ago.

Sonia T

Enjoyed this session - loved the pace and flow of the session - great teaching points liked the clam and round the world :-)

Kit R

glad I tried this class, I particularly like the round the world and side stretches, whole class flowed well and I almost got the breathing right, makes me want to practice more

Marie C

A nice gentle class to start the day. Thank you!

Adenike T

Good morning . Enjoyed this, amazed at how small movements feel intense. I'm a beginner and have three month old baby who has slept through the class. Perfect way to start the day.

dawn a

some more really useful teaching points and correction techniques for instructors, thank you.

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