Ahhhhhh all better now :-) Just what i needed

Elizabeth M

My first class on the 5 week Pilates Fit program and loved it! Good pace and very clear instruction. Feeling stretched, balanced, and ready for the day's challenges

Randeep R

Absolutely great, I was stiff and tight and the beginning but in 30 minutes I was able to stretch easily.

Sarah B

I love the way each of these classes adds a different emphasis or explains something in a slightly different way, I find I'm learning all the time! I'm naturally hypermobile but realised today I have little fine control. I can see these exercises will help me and I'll definitely repeat them more than once. Thank you.

Darla R

I had a hard time with the roll up, but know with practice I will get better. I really enjoyed the session. I am trying the 5 week program.

Tara J

This was my first ever Pilates session! Really enjoyed it, I feel very stretched and relaxed. Found it very challenging in places as I have weak stomach muscles, but the modifications were extremely helpful. I'll be doing this one again.

Katie F

Phew! I am puffed out and feeling stretched! In a good waY:-)

Geoff s

Trying the 5 week program and found Nathan's lesson just the right level. I play tennis and find Pilate's is a good way to balance myself, as tennis is an impact sport and non symmetrical

Sara I

Great pace, excellent layering and lots of inspiration!

Athina T

After 15months post birth I decided to register online and do Pilates, something I used to love! The session was amazing, the cueing was very detailed. He kept me focused and I did feel my body waking up. Thank you so much. Can't wait for more yoopod!

Jo G

Liked the lunge sequence at the end.

Antonella B

Soru for my english! It's the first video I saw... Very interesting thanks!

Alexandra W

Good morning workout

Mike B

Good clear instructions. Well paced. Challenging in places. I felt well stretched by the end of the session.
Thanks Nathan.

sharon c

Nathan's classes are challenging regardless of the level. Thoroughly enjoyed super stretch

Marie C

I really like how Nathan builds the exercises from a modified version through to the complete version. Great detailed and well-paced instruction. Thank you!

Katie M

Really enjoyed this session. Challenging but felt good today

Katie S

I feel much less tense in my shoulders and upper back.

Christine H

Just as the description says, a challenging session which has left me feeling as though I have worked.

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