Julie C

A lovely class. I have neglected my pilates for a time, so this was a perfect class to get back into it. Clear instructions and I'm now feeling wonderful. Thank you and have the merriest Christmas.

Sally R

Thank you Nathan, I find it really easy to follow your instructions which is very helpful and Kathy also demonstrates very well too!

Sally R

Thank you Nathan, I find it really easy to follow your instructions which is very helpful and Kathy also demonstrates very well too!

Miranda S

Really enjoyed that. Good to properly move the spine after a desk-bound day. Very aware of how much I need to build strength.

jayne l

Great session. Some more guidance on breathing would be helpful in parts - I noticed we were gasping at times instead of breathing evenly.

Catherine D

Great class thank you, I feel like I’m more aligned now .

Kate G

Nice stretching and clear instructions.

Kate D

Perfect. thank you

Jackie C

Like this class. Feels developmental towards an intermediate class. Nice mixture of poses and clear instruction.

Rebecca G

I love this one - faster than I'm used to but challenging and really got me reconnected with my past pilates memories! feeling good, will feel it tomorrow for sure. One to keep practising.


Great session. I really enjoyed the work on the abs...a challenging part of my body! I love the way you always give reminders about breathing in and out, I personally still need them.
Many thanks

Kate J

This is quite challenging for the abs. I loved the clear instructions and the stretching moves felt amazing! Looking forward to repeating this class until I can do all the curls without a break.


Ahhhhhh all better now :-) Just what i needed

Elizabeth M

My first class on the 5 week Pilates Fit program and loved it! Good pace and very clear instruction. Feeling stretched, balanced, and ready for the day's challenges

Randeep R

Absolutely great, I was stiff and tight and the beginning but in 30 minutes I was able to stretch easily.

Sarah B

I love the way each of these classes adds a different emphasis or explains something in a slightly different way, I find I'm learning all the time! I'm naturally hypermobile but realised today I have little fine control. I can see these exercises will help me and I'll definitely repeat them more than once. Thank you.

Darla R

I had a hard time with the roll up, but know with practice I will get better. I really enjoyed the session. I am trying the 5 week program.

Tara J

This was my first ever Pilates session! Really enjoyed it, I feel very stretched and relaxed. Found it very challenging in places as I have weak stomach muscles, but the modifications were extremely helpful. I'll be doing this one again.

Katie F

Phew! I am puffed out and feeling stretched! In a good waY:-)

Geoff s

Trying the 5 week program and found Nathan's lesson just the right level. I play tennis and find Pilate's is a good way to balance myself, as tennis is an impact sport and non symmetrical

Sara I

Great pace, excellent layering and lots of inspiration!

Athina T

After 15months post birth I decided to register online and do Pilates, something I used to love! The session was amazing, the cueing was very detailed. He kept me focused and I did feel my body waking up. Thank you so much. Can't wait for more yoopod!

Jo G

Liked the lunge sequence at the end.

Antonella B

Soru for my english! It's the first video I saw... Very interesting thanks!

Alexandra W

Good morning workout

Mike B

Good clear instructions. Well paced. Challenging in places. I felt well stretched by the end of the session.
Thanks Nathan.

sharon c

Nathan's classes are challenging regardless of the level. Thoroughly enjoyed super stretch

Marie C

I really like how Nathan builds the exercises from a modified version through to the complete version. Great detailed and well-paced instruction. Thank you!

Katie M

Really enjoyed this session. Challenging but felt good today

Katie S

I feel much less tense in my shoulders and upper back.

Christine H

Just as the description says, a challenging session which has left me feeling as though I have worked.

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